Lanmei Airlines (Cambodia) Co., Ltd.

Lanmei Airlines (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. was founded on Mar. 7th, 2016, and commenced its maiden flight on Sep. 29th, 2017, which is a Cambodian native aviation company. Named after Lancang-Mekong River, Lanmei Airlines’ logo looks like a peacock spreading its tails. Lanmei Airlines chooses peacock as logo because it symbolizes propitious totem in both oriental and western culture. The six feather of the wings-like logo represents the six Greater Mekong River countries who are the community of shared destiny & shared river. The logo also looks like a rotating aircraft engine, implying to supply new and steady thrust to these six nations.

Lanmei Airlines’ strategy is to build up consensus, to help development, and to share benefits. With background of Lanmei Cooperation Mechanism (LMC), Lanmei Airlines is serving Cambodian “Quadrangle-Development” Strategy and China’s B&R Initiative. Phnom Penh, Siem Reap and Sihanoukville as three bases, combined with tourist market, Lanmei Airlines is making an “on & off board and on & off line” featured product platform and becoming an airline?with new?generation of E-commerce which meets “Connectivity” demands and builds up a “sky-highway” for the six Greater Mekong River nations’ economic, trade and cultural exchanges.

Inspiring from low-cost mode, Lanmei Airlines is creating new mode of “Public Aviation” featured as “Three Big, Three High, Three Special, and One Low”. Lanmei Airlines is to purchase single-type aircraft with single configuration to promote passenger load factor and use ratio and to keep lowering cost while keeping forever safe and to keep offering affordable tickets for the public. Meanwhile, Lanmei Airlines keeps offering featured service and easy product portfolio to supply homelike flight experiences for passengers while inside cabin Lanmei six nations’ native language will be working one. Lanmei Airlines employee’s image is “faithful, professional, honest and striving” and we will keep “serving the public” as our service idea. Lanmei Airlines is committed to forging first-class and unique aviation service.

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