1. Q: Why can’t I verify my ticket? The ticket verification page always showed the error message.

2. Q: How can I book infant ticket?

3. Q: How can I apply for wheelchair service?

4. Q: How many free checked baggage allowances do I have for my ticket?

5. Q: My baggage is overweight. How can I purchase excess baggage?

6. Q: The destination of the ticket I booked is wrong. How can I change it?

7. Q: I'd like to select a seat in advance. How can I check in online?

8. Q: I booked a ticket on your official website and I have paid successfully , but why didn't I receive any confirmation?

9. Q: How can I check out if there any changes of my flight ?

10. Q: How can I book the airport bus?

11. Q: My booking of the ticket failed because my name is too long. What should I do if I can't receive the itinerary?

12. Q: Can pets board with me?

13. Q: Can a child/adolescent take a flight alone?

14. Q: Are there any special rules for pregnant women to take the flight?

15. Q:My schedule has changed. Can I apply for a ticket rescheduling or refund?

16. Q: Which payment method do you accept on the official website?

17. Q: How to pre-book in-flight meals ?

18. Q: How can I become a member of Lanmei Airlines ? Is there any special rights for members?

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