Excess Baggage


15 kg free baggage + kg excess baggage

1. Any passenger with Lanmei Airlines’ ticket bought from various sources is entitled to purchase Excess Checked Baggage on Lanmei Airlines’ mini apps (Lanmei Club) or its official website.
2. All Excess Checked Baggage must be purchased 2.5 hours before flight’s Take-Off.?
3. While Checking-In, please demonstrate valid confirmation letter of the purchased Checked Excess Baggage.
4. Each passenger’s valid Ticket No. for each itinerary must be used ONCE ONLY when purchasing Excess Baggage.
5. The purchased Excess Checked Baggage is One-Time Use.
6. The purchased Excess Baggage must not be refunded, changed or transferred. (Unless otherwise any flight changes).

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Purchasing baggage allowance online enjoys more discounts. Refund and change are not permitted for personal reason.

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